Dramatised Guided Tour


Take a peek into life in Singapore through the ages in these interactive tours with our Museum docents.

1 May | 10.30am & 11.30am

This dramatised tour takes you through both the good and turbulent days of Singapore kampongs in the 1950s, and the rollicking 1960s of carefree schooldays and boyband mania. This historical journey brings a personal touch from a docent who lived in these eras.

1 May | 3.30pm

2 May | 2pm

In this dramatised tour, join Wong Ah Kow as he recalls his journey from Guangdong to Singapore and his life as a rickshaw coolie in the 1900s. Fast-forward to the turbulent days leading up to the Japanese Occupation between 1942 to 1945, where Sergeant Yohei will bring you through the conquest of Singapore and life during the Occupation.

7 May | 2.30pm

14 May| 11.30am

In this dramatised tour, June Wong and her majie Ah Wang guide you through the Modern Colony gallery on the second floor of the museum. Learn about the lifestyles of the wealthy in early Singapore, and discover what Ah Wang has been saving up for.

8 May| 2.30pm

14 May| 2.30pm & 3.45pm

This dramatised tour takes you through 700 years of Singapore history in the shoes of three very different men – a village teenager from ancient Singapore, a pre-war Chettiar and a civil servant working for the Housing & Development Board (HDB). Be enthralled by their stories as you journey with them through the centuries!

May 1 - May 13, 2016
[ Sun ] - [ Fri ]
10:30 AM - 4:45 PM SGT
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1 May| 10.30am FULL
1 May| 11.30am FULL
1 May| 3.30pm FULL
2 May| 2pm FULL
7 May| 2.30pm FULL
8 May| 2.30pm FULL
14 May| 11.30am FULL
14 May| 2.30pm FULL
14 May| 3.45pm FULL
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